We Collaborate


“Thanks again to the team at Juice Learning. It’s been great hearing the feedback from the EDI workshops with numerous learners talking about the refreshing yet challenging approach to this subject. The use of actors has helped underpin key learning around inclusive behaviours.”

We Collaborate

The title to this article is one of the Values of ITM Power, an innovative, Sheffield based, manufacturer of integrated hydrogen energy solutions and providers of the quote above from Kathryn Connell, Head of HR and Academy.

Juice Learning recently enjoyed delivering the first sessions of their (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) ‘Inclusive ITM – EDI for Managers’ training, and we’re proud to say that the collaboration has been a successful one!

Thankfully, ITM Power, like most (but sadly not all!) workplaces benefits from a culture that has already embraced an inclusive way of working with the fundamentals around EDI fully embedded. Our brief was to create subtle, nuanced content, for a forward thinking, innovative organisation and take a more aspirational stance on EDI training. 

The focus for these sessions was on how things can look when we get things right, because creating and maintaining an inclusive environment where Diversity is celebrated, and Equality protected, provides so many positives for an organisation and its people. 

During the workshops our delegates shared keen insight into their own working environments and were quick to recognise the necessity for engaged teams in such a competitive field. It’s essential that people feel valued in their roles and the environments they work in provide Psychological Safety.  This ensures that employees feel confident in sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions, even constructive feedback, without fear of negative repercussions. 

Sometimes, it can be the little things that jeopardise this. A person routinely speaking over you during meetings. Not taking the time to allow someone with English as their second language to make their point. The fear of making a mistake or saying the wrong thing, to the point that one chooses to no longer use their voice.

Valued, protected, and inspired teams nurture productive people. It is with this in mind that we can consider EDI essential as a competitive market advantage.

Thanks must go to the whole team over at ITM Power and we greatly look forward to continuing our collaboration when we deliver more sessions with ITM Power in the New Year.