Nurturing Your Safety Culture During a Pandemic


Juice Learning has been lucky enough to continue creating and developing new content for some of our trusted clients during the unprecedented events of 2020. As a business that is often most recognised for our standout theatre-based live events and interventions, it has been something of a change to spend most of our time focusing upon film-based projects.

An emergent concern in recent months for some of our Health & Safety clients has centred around how to maintain a strong culture of safety at a time when much focus is being placed (and rightly so) on Covid-Safe working practices. The ‘normal’ everyday risks and hazards have not gone away though – so how do we ensure that they are not relegated to the back of people’s minds while implementing a host of new ways of working?

We have created this short film which highlights some of these concerns and reflects a larger piece of work we’ve recently undertaken with a client organisation in the construction sector.