A Juice Learning Masterclass


We were delighted to be asked to deliver a practical training session to give an insight into the UK Corporate Film sector for aspiring film professionals at Leeds Arts University.

The purpose of the session was to explain what makes the sector unique, to describe the opportunity and provide practical advice on delivering the highest quality content to tight budgets, with challenging timescales for discerning clients.

Our production team was at hand to provide a insight into each stage of the production process: from developing a brief with a client, to writing to hit agreed objectives, planning a complex shoot and recruiting the best talent in the business.

The team introduced the concept of “packing light, packing right”, and showcased our tried and tested equipment choices for every production.

In the practical we gave the students a chance to get some invaluable hands-on experience as they took turns directing our cast of actors they delivered a short bespoke script.

Once we were happy that the cast were performing to their usual high quality, we moved onto production and the students worked with the team to create an engaging and creative film.

The session was well received by all who attended, the students really appreciated a chance to see film-making from a different perspective and enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside a professional crew and cast.

This was a great project for Juice Learning as it took us well out of our comfort zone – after nearly 15-years making award-winning content, it comes pretty naturally. However we don’t often have to explain how we do what we do. After some head-scratching we realised that we do actually know quite a bit about film-making and with some careful planning were able to provide some useful tips for the next generation of film-professionals.