Cemex’s 2014 safety tour

CEMEX is a global supplier of cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. Their UK operation dates back to 1930 and has a supply network with over 500 locations.

As an organisation committed to the highest standards of safety across their operations, they invest heavily in ensuring their staff have the knowledge, skills and attitude to maintain a culture of safety excellence.

The Challenge

  1. To deliver a full day of training up to 2000 of their UK staff to raise awareness of the importance of individual behaviours in creating and maintaining a world class safety culture.
  2. To deliver a session that was full of impact and created a milestone in their journey towards a “Zero Tolerance” (to unsafe behaviour) culture.
  3.  To demonstrate a relentless and passionate focus on the safety of every employee, contractor, supplier and visitor at every site in the UK.

The specific objectives of the sessions included:

  • To examine how delegates perceive and calculate risk and how this influences how they choose to work.
  • To explore the consequences of bad decisions made at any stage of a work process.
  • To consider the mindset required to ward off complacency.
  • To reinforce the importance of “Stepping In” and challenging unsafe acts or situations wherever they occur.
  • To consider the impact that an incident can have on colleagues, families & friends.

The events where delivered across the UK in September and November 2014.



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